Mr. Shan Xiangshuang

Mr. Xiangshuang Shan founded CSC Group in 2000, he has been serving as President and Chairman since establishment.

Mr.Shan graduated from Xiamen University in Accounting, currently pursuing his EMBA degree at Tsinghua University.
Previously, Mr. Shan used to work in the State Education Committee (later restructured as Ministry of Education), Ministry of Transport, China Merchants Group, and China Merchants Securities.

Apart from daily work, Mr. Shan is also:

• Vice President of Venture Capital Committee at China Securities Regulatory Commission
• President at Beijing Private Equity Association
• Co-Chairman of China Venture Capital Association(CVCA)
• Secretary General at China Venture Capital Fund 50 Forum
• Executive Director at Innovation China Think Tank

Main Honors

• Shanghai Securities News “Outstanding Financial Investor
• China Inventor Forum “Invention Venture Award• Character Award• Special Contribution Award
• Venture Capital Professional Committee at Investment Association of China “Outstanding Investor
• China's Top 10 Most Influential Venture Capital Investor

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